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The Arizun Purchase Option
How the Purchase Option Works

If you would like the option to buy back your home at some time in the future, you can purchase an option which gives you the right to repurchase your home during Years 6 and 7 of your lease.

Why would I take up the Option to Purchase?

The Option to Purchase gives you the opportunity to buy your during Years 6 and 7. It is designed to give you more choices and the ability to stay in your home in the long-term, and give you the opportunity to own your home again. 

The option also entitles you to share in any increase in the value of your home between the time you entered into the option and the time you buy back your home. In other words, you will not have to pay the full market price for the property when you exercise your option. Please see a typical example in our FAQ Section.

What happens if I do not exercise the option to purchase my home?

If you do not exercise the option during Years 6 and 7, the option expires and will not be extended beyond this period.

What happens if I don’t want the option to purchase my home?

You are under no obligation to enter the option agreement and you may still join the Scheme, and your security of tenure is assured for the duration of your lease, provided you continue to meet the terms of your lease.

Can I transfer my option to purchase to someone else?

Under specific, individual circumstances, we may allow the transfer of the option to a suitable third party (e.g. a family member).

What do I do next?

Please complete the enquiry form on this website and you will be contacted by a representative of Arizun within the next 7 - 10 days.

The Arizun Mortgage Debt Resolution Scheme can only be applied to an individual home once the Arizun Funds have acquired a portfolio of mortgages from a European financial institution which includes the mortgage currently held over the individual home. Arizun cannot guarantee that any individual home or homeowner will be allowed access to the Arizun Mortgage Debt Resolution Scheme, but if you like our programme let us and your bank know about your interest.