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Option 1
Arizun Solution

100% Mortgage Debt Relief is possible!

The Arizun Solution to your Mortgage Arrears Problem

Our representatives will explain in detail the steps required to participate in the Scheme:
  • You will participate in a financial assessment with a member of the Arizun team
  • They will outline the possibilities available to you
  • Once you have decided on the Arizun solution most suitable for you, you then transfer the title to your property to the Arizun Fund
  • In exchange for the transfer, we write off your mortgage in full

Stay in your home and avail of rental assistance, if you qualify, by way of the Mortgage to Rent (MTR) Programme provided by Arizun with a purchase option.

You are in mortgage arrears, your mortgage is included in a portfolio to be transferred to Arizun, and you want to stay in your home - you decide to enter into the Arizun MTR Programme.
The Arizun Mortgage Debt Resolution Scheme can only be applied to an individual home once the Arizun Funds have acquired a portfolio of mortgages from a European financial institution which includes the mortgage currently held over the individual home. Arizun cannot guarantee that any individual home or homeowner will be allowed access to the Arizun Mortgage Debt Resolution Scheme, but if you like our programme let us and your bank know about your interest.