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How Arizun Can Help You
Can you answer “YES” to some or all of the following questions?
If so, Arizun may be able to help you.

  • Are you in significant arrears on your mortgage?
  • Do you worry that you might lose your home?
  • Are you afraid you will never be able to repay the outstanding debt on your home?

And, most importantly
Do you want to stay in your home?

The Arizun Solution – Stay, Don’t Go.

The Arizun Solution is a welcome remedy to these worrying problems. Now you can become 100% mortgage debt-free - and stay in your home, relieved from the burden of a mortgage you can no longer afford or a financial commitment you no longer want.

Our solutions include:
  • Relieving you of your mortgage burden by allowing you to cancel the entire mortgage debt (including arrears) on your home by transferring the title of the property to an Arizun Fund
  • Replacing your mortgage with a secure, affordable lease, so you can stay in your home
  • Providing an option for you to buy back your home within Years 6 and 7
  • Sharing in any increase in the market value of your home - should you exercise the option to buy back your home
  • Giving you the flexibility to exit the lease at any time
  • Helping you get any government assistance you are entitled to in order to help you pay your rent 

Please note Arizun will buy a number of mortgages (“a portfolio”) from Financial Institutions. Unfortunately, we cannot negotiate on behalf of individual homeowners.

The Arizun Mortgage Debt Resolution Scheme can only be applied to an individual home once the Arizun Funds have acquired a portfolio of mortgages from a European financial institution which includes the mortgage currently held over the individual home. Arizun cannot guarantee that any individual home or homeowner will be allowed access to the Arizun Mortgage Debt Resolution Scheme, but if you like our programme let us and your bank know about your interest.