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Frequently Asked Questions
Simply put, how does the Arizun Solution Purchase Option work?
After signing your option agreement, you will be renting the property at the market lease rate and can choose to buy your home under the terms of your option agreement should you be in a position to do so. When you exercise your option to buy, you will also benefit from a percentage of any increase in the value of your home and this will be available for you to use in providing your mortgage deposit
How do I qualify for the Arizun Scheme?
If your mortgage is being considered for transfer to Arizun, you will be notified by your financial institution. If you are interested in finding out more about the Arizun Scheme contact us via the website or by phone.  As part of this process, once you have expressed your interest a representative from Arizun will contact you to discuss your financial situation and the options available to you.
How long will it take for my home to be transferred to Arizun and when can we get free of the existing mortgage?

It is in both yours and our interest that the process is quick and efficient. Once your application has been assessed, the legal work in relation to the property title transfer to Arizun and your debt forgiveness will be completed and you will be debt free in respect of that property. We envisage that the minimum time it will take to finalise the transfer will be 45 days and the maximum time will be 90 days

When you say our mortgage debt has been written-off, does that mean it has been cancelled forever?
Yes, but only in relation to the mortgage(s) on the specific property which has been transferred into the Scheme.
Who actually owns the house when we enter the Scheme and transfer the title to Arizun?
Once you enter the scheme and transfer the title to Arizun, the property will be owned by one of the Regulated Arizun Funds. It will return to your ownership should you exercise the purchase option to buy it back.
If I am interested what do I do next?
Please register your interest here by completing the Contact Us Form on our website and an Arizun representative will then be in contact with you.
The Arizun Mortgage Debt Resolution Scheme can only be applied to an individual home once the Arizun Funds have acquired a portfolio of mortgages from a European financial institution which includes the mortgage currently held over the individual home. Arizun cannot guarantee that any individual home or homeowner will be allowed access to the Arizun Mortgage Debt Resolution Scheme, but if you like our programme let us and your bank know about your interest.