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About Arizun
Our Vision
Our vision is to deliver an innovative and workable solution to the mortgage arrears crisis that works for both homeowners and financial institutions. Our research indicates that the only solution that can work for all parties is one that allows homeowners to stay in their home without the pressure of a crushing mortgage.

Most homeowners want to pay their way, but many are so overwhelmed by debt they cannot see a way forward.

Our solution is one that really works. Lets make it work for you.

What We Are Not...

We are not...
Bankers; nor are we connected to any financial institutions, although we are working with the financial institutions to assist mortgage holders.
We are not...
A government agency, nor are we connected to any government agency.
We are not...
A “Not-for-Profit” organisation nor a social advocacy service. We are committed to working in the interests of homeowners and we will seek to make a fair return, but not at your expense.
We are not...
An opportunistic short-term business; instead we are committed to our tenants / clients for the long term.

The Arizun Mortgage Debt Resolution Scheme can only be applied to an individual home once the Arizun Funds have acquired a portfolio of mortgages from a European financial institution which includes the mortgage currently held over the individual home. Arizun cannot guarantee that any individual home or homeowner will be allowed access to the Arizun Mortgage Debt Resolution Scheme, but if you like our programme let us and your bank know about your interest.